Whether we are working on our property, driving equipment or building within a client’s facility, our goal is to keep our employees, our clients, and their customers safe. This starts with our employee safety manual that clearly outlines our expectations for achieving a safe workplace. We empower our employees to share safety and health improvement recommendations and to report unsafe conditions, enabling management to determine how best to resolve them. Through abundant training and periodic retraining, we ensure the understanding of everything from safety rules to policies to job-specific procedures in an effort to mitigate hazards. Our commitment to safety includes regularly implementing OSHA training courses and securing the required permits prior to the start of work, earning us the highest industry marks for excellence in safety.

Our Commitment

  • Top down safety-focused culture
  • OSHA 10 hour training for employees
  • OSHA 30 hour training for supervisors
  • Regular safety training

Whether it's preconstruction or construction, I can trust and depend on the Kirkland Team. From a napkin sketch design to 3D modeling and coordination, they can do it all.

-Brittany Lusk Johnson, Preconstruction Manager, Harper General Contractors